Liyuanmetal is located in XIAMEN City FUJIAN CHINA and is ten kilometers from the port. The factory is one professional aluminum alloy products manufacturer. We have been focusing on aluminum alloy products for 20 years.
The products are as follows.
1.Aluminum alloy parts, as punching, bending, milling, welding, drilling, CNC, assembly etc.,and surface treatment of various color anodizing . Products are used in electronics, car body, sports equipment, Rehabilitation equipment, building decoration, beach chairs, furniture and daily decorations.
2.Aluminum rolling ramp is used for barrier-free access, mostly for disabled wheelchair aisle, motorcycle lane, beach lane, etc. The products have China patent, EU patent, CE certification and the SGS loading test report .
3.Rehabilitation equipment as mobility aids, walkers frame, crutches, cane, bath seats, manual wheelchairs, etc.
4. Bathroom pendant, as  aluminum towel rack, kitchen hanging utensils, etc. Aluminum products are beauty, no rust.